{iCX : iLamp(i), Conflow Power(c), ILOCX(x)}

A Currency Based on the Exchange of Commodities: Putting Power First

The Next-Generation Physical Use Case Smart Contract for Decentralised Power

Two cornerstones hail the entry into a decentralised application for both currency and contracts, Satoshi Nakamoto and Vitalik Buterin scaled the software phenonium to spark the change that all commerce will be forged in the next generation.  

Now iLamp owned by Conflow Power in partnership with ILOCX bring a clear practical application for both a tokenised currency and a smart contract linked together that forge the cornerstone of decentralised and autonomous power to cities all over the world wrapped in a licensing Contract issued and structured by the ILOCX.

The iCX merges innovation with consensus and adds to the need for value with Blockchain verification coupled to a beating heart of hard core commerce. Both smart contract adoption and customer uses cases are reported on the same ledger to effect change in cities around the world that reflect perfectly the change in financial instruments around the world.  

Digital assets controlling and reporting on new assets that are both physical and meta physical and which in turn generate masses of further digital assets in the form of data and intelligence.

iLamp creates independence in security, light and power, connectivity and commerce.  For the very first time in history these elements are colliding to allow any human being on the planet to have a stake in the realistic emergence of smart cities and all they evolve into, one iLamp at a time.  

Writing logic within a few lines of code can work for smart contracts yet Conflow Power has had to affect a series of key relationships to create a business model that can incorporate a new currency in the form of the iCX and couple it with physical products and contracts to manufacture and sell a much-needed innovation within our global street furniture markets and eco- systems that is as innovative as Bitcoin and Ethereum

Roll Out Plan